Long Reach Perfection

Just going thru a few Rotto images tonight and found this one with a cracker sky of Longreach. I was out with my buddy Mark on this day and had a pretty good time cruising around and taking pics..always something to do at Rotto eh!

~ by True North Mark on February 2, 2010.

12 Responses to “Long Reach Perfection”

  1. Love the Sky and that boat in the foreground Mark, that’s one of those “really want to be there” shots.

  2. Don’t tell me you take True North there every weekend?

  3. The white boat to the right of the yacht Dave!

    • Ah, I thought TN might be a bit over the top for a day trip to Rotto for a few people 😀

      Must be nice to get over to Rotto so regularly, but then we’re all pretty lucky living here in Perth I think.

  4. Fantastic image Mark, love the clouds.

  5. Don’t see such cracker clouds that often – I must look up more often and carry my camera too. This is one of those shots that you realise you’ve been looking at for a while when the phone rings and you come back to reality after drifting dreamily ……..

    • Yep its all a matter of process Muzz…

      Look up…have the camera in hand and look for the shot.

      You kinda fail the mission if you don’t look up or have the camera in hand eh! 🙂

  6. PS I reckon FBJ will ping you on the horizon though.

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