Boneyards Facing East

Here is another shot taken the other day during my Bunkers Bay shoot. I have also found that F13 seems to work better for the 16-35 than F8 which I have been using lately!


~ by True North Mark on February 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “Boneyards Facing East”

  1. gotta love the beaches down south! Just realised i havent got ya on me blog roll! ill get onto that! lol

    • Thanks Dylan…I like your work mate and I am still trying to get a Sugar Loaf shot that will match yours…on the list to do for sure!



  2. Hiya Mark

    Another grouse shot of Bunker Bay. Nothing better!

    Really like checking your blog each day to see another example of fine photography, something for us learners to aim for…

  3. Nice shot Mark, haven’t shot down there at all (other than Hamelin and Augusta), so need to rectify that. Just arranged the long weekend down at Hamelin, so I guess I’ve got no excuse then.

  4. cheers mate! Tha one i shot a couple years back and still want to shoot the rock under a fire red sunset!

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