True North on Dry Dock

True North came out on the dry dock today for our annual refit. We only get 1 month each year to get it turned around ready for teh next years 11 month program and by the time she departs for the West Coast Explorer cruise on the 27th she will be ship shape and ready to wow our passengers with the diverse and wondrous areas we cruise to!


~ by True North Mark on February 1, 2010.

37 Responses to “True North on Dry Dock”

  1. “Billions of blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon” (Captain Haddock from the Tintin books by Herge) it’s amazing what can be done with boat’s these days. Is this down at what I know as ASI (Henderson?)? I’ve seen the sub’s high and dry and a few frigates too. Remember when you had to park your boat in a dock and the water got pumped out, now we just lift ’em out of the sea and park ’em in a lot. What did you do to get the most out of that sky?

    • Hi Matt

      Nice bit of poetry mate!

      We are up at my old company, Austal Image, which is just next to the yard that used to be called ASI…showing your age there mate…ASI has not been around for years!

      All I did with the image was converted the colour space to Dcam 3 and then added a bit of blue saturation and reduced the amount of luminosity in the blue as well.



  2. Like a fish out of water the poor old girl.

    Is it just a tidy up or is there something major going on ?

    • Just a tidy up Merv, but our tidy ups are major! The boat will look better than new when it leaves on the 27th!

  3. Check the bow thruster bearing , noisy when it was turning to berth the other night . 🙂

  4. It would be awesome to have a wide angle lens under the bow as she was coming up…

  5. And I thought the boat looked a million dollards last week!

  6. thats an awesome shot mark gee she sits high in the water the bloke who designed her done an awesome job perfect for getting into those tight spots


    • Yeah mate..not too many boats of this size that can get where we do eh…especially in the Kimberley!!

  7. Nice to see the level of dedication and service you offer on the True North Mark, too many businesses skimp on quality and service these days 🙂

    My True North fund has started already …

    • Very good Dave!

      At the level of service that we demand for ourselves that keeps people coming back, we have to keep the True North in as new condition. In fact these days it presents better than new with all the new pearl cabinets and Larry Mitchell paintings etc.

      Do it once and do it right has been my motto my whole working life and it is why I was keen to buy into North Star. My partner Craig Howson has always been at the pinnacle of cruising in Australia and our 2 business philosophies very much complimented each other!

      On the West Coast Explorer last year all of the passengers we past passengers. The most amount of times cruised previously was 12 and the lease was 3 times. 75% of those passengers rebooked again for another cruise..kinda says it all eh!

      Thanks for the kind comments Dave.



      • Keep up the good work Mark, we need more businesses like yours to help promote WA and Australia.

        Have you thought about entering the WA Tourism Awards, I think you would do really well.

      • We have won 5 WA tourism awards Dave, 1 export award for tourism and 4 national awards for tourism!

        We are the most awarded cruise company in Australia by a long shot.

        In fact the judges always left after giving us 100%!!! the last judge came on board and said that he would not be following previous judges by marking us so highly, but he too left are scoring us at 100%!



      • Congratulations, very well deserved 🙂

        It’s a lot of effort to prepare the submissions for these things, glad to her it has paid of for you. We have helped a local Chocolate business enter the awards for the last 5 years so I undersatnd the effort involved.

      • Thanks Dave

        Indeed there is a lot of work involved!



  8. She doesn’t look as big out of the water to me, must be an optical illusion.
    Not surprised you are having to refit it after the Rotto trip with Merv on it. OOOPS I’ve done it again.

  9. She doesn’t look as big out of the water, Must just be an optical illusion though.

    Not surprised it needs a total refit after the Rotto trip with Merv on it. OOOOPS I’ve done it again.

  10. I will stick with the Hobie, much easier to cart around.
    Would have loved to be there on Australia Day,

    Keep up the awesome work.


    • Hi Thomas,

      …and a nice looking Hobie it is mate!

      Thanks for dropping by and nice pic you have just posted mate!

      Stay tuned to the blog mate, Christian and I are working up the formula for next year that will definitely make it worth while to travel from the East.

      I reckon we will have it sorted by the end of the month and it will be posted on Christian’s and my blog.

      Everyone now knows the magic of what True North is all about so I reckon people will be all over this next sortie…so stay tuned Thomas!



      • Looks like we’re going to have to get our bookings in early to make sure we get on board next year, or are you planning on building a bigger ship 😀

      • Nah mate, not at this stage, but you will have to get in quick as the itinerary we are working up is a cracker…and the True North heli will be on board.

        Stay tuned!



      • Mark, if the heli’s onboard, consider me in 🙂 Ha, better see what the $$$ damage is first! That said, well done. I was extremely impressed with the standard of the TN, especially as we were seeing it at the last stage of an 11 month working year. I’ve been showing the photo’s to a few people, to select for the comp and almost all recognise TN as “the one that cruises the Kimberley” – well done, brand recognition.

      • Hi Simon,

        Thanks for the compliments mate.

        It was indeed a good day and no doubt next year will be better, but I don’t want to divulge too much more just yet as we are still working out the finer points.

        When we release the concept it will have been fully worked out in True North style as people who know the brand have come to love and respect!

        Stay tuned!



  11. Yep the idea for next year Markie is going to get everyone frothing, hell I’m frothing myself!

    • Indeed Buddie…but we can’t let the cat out of the bag yet…a few things to iron out and then we will state the full play rather than dribble out bits at a time!

      Check out my last post. I think that F13 is sharper than F8 or F 5.6 with the 16-35…I hope!



    • Stop teasing us, put us out of our misery.

      Topping this year could be tricky. Maybe Tom poll dancing, Ken on the boat with us and Peter Lik MC’ing for the day 😎

  12. Good job Mark – could even be a market for those land lubbers (like me and Merv) to have a workshop on True North while it’s in dry dock. No chance of sea-sickness then, although Merv may push himself beyond one beer which could get messy.

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