True North Bow Shot for Peta!!!

Here you go Wide angle shot under the bow!

Hope you like it!


~ by True North Mark on February 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “True North Bow Shot for Peta!!!”

  1. Looks pretty clean Mark, shouldn’t she be covered in barnacles or something …

    • If you look closely there is some coral growth that we always pick up in the tropics, but the crew stay on top of the growth by scrubbing her regularly.

      We always completely repaint the stern which is where most of the wear and tear happens and of course we redo the anti foul. The ow was repainted last year and the rest opf the paint will get buffed and polished.

      All pumps are pulled out and overhauled and all engineering systems are checked thoroughly.





  2. Very good, did you take it with a 16-35mm? She is a lovely looking boat..nice lines.
    I did take a couple of her at Rotto on Australia Day from the air but everyone was down below. Good helipad.

  3. I was in a 172 this time (door off) as our own plane was broken into the night before I was going to use it..very annoying..My plane is a 182RG so with the door off and wheels up you get a great working space. Got down to 600ft over your boat, you might have heard it buzzing around.

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