Wyadup Currents

I found this image in my Wyadup RAW files and it has come out pretty well I reckon….hope you like it!


~ by True North Mark on January 31, 2010.

16 Responses to “Wyadup Currents”

  1. Nice shot Mark , I love that kind of glowing light and the shot is topped off with the moon and water movement.

    tone 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,

    It was certainly a photographer’s paradise that night wasn’t?


    • Indeed it was Jamie!

      In fact I think that day all round was pretty special..given the start with the clouds at Eagle Bay then off to quindalup with you and then finally Wyadup for desert!!



  3. Hey Mark,
    I Like it!!
    Everytime i come to your blog there is something new to look at.
    Makes my day at work a bit more exciting aha..keep it up!.

    • Hey thanks Matt for the positive reinforcement of my work on the blog!

      I am glad that you have picked up on your dad’s passion for photography.

      He was the one who encouraged me to by a digital camera in the first place!



  4. Matt took the words out of my mouth… I’m also at a desk job at the moment looking through Mark’s images as I often find myself doing. Lucky my boss sits opposite me and can’t see my monitor! Yep he just nodded as if to say I’m doing a good job hehehe

  5. Hey mark, like the angular rocks in the back ground and great detail. Warm tone galore with some nice movement in the water. Larger canvas calling !

  6. Great Shot Mark! always love seeing new angles of Wyadup!

    • Thanks William!

      I am pretty keen to get down there again actually…it is good where ever you look eh!



  7. nice stuff Markie.

  8. Definitely must get down there sometime early or late, without the kids. This is a nice shot – I like the square crop.

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