Here’s is my image from the True North day!!!

This is the best image that i was able to muster for the True North photog day. Last image of the day at dark O’clock!

These 2 boats are local Rotto Runners as I am called the ‘Nor Don’ and ‘Incognito’. They had obviously spent the day out west somewhere and were cruising back to their moorings at Longreach for the night.

~ by True North Mark on January 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Here’s is my image from the True North day!!!”

  1. Nice! Can’t say I got anything as speckky. Kim and I tried our luck with the Quokkas! Probably didn’t do too well. I did get a honeyeater though.

    • Thanks Dave,

      I had a few goes at that perspective and just as we were about to pull away I saw the 2 boats at full noise returning home and raced up there just in time!



  2. Nice Mark . you took that from the bridge while I was there.

    What happened to the foggy hazy shots?

    Is that the original Nor Don? Getting on a bit in years if it is.

    • Hi Merv,

      They were OK, but I think this one had more merit due to the foreground action.

      It is indeed the original Nor Don and it is getting on, but it has had a few major refits and still presents very well.

      The current owner uses it every weekend and is one of the regular Rotto Runners.



  3. nice pic mate , very summer and very Rotto, would go great in your new book!!

    • Thanks bud..the book images are growing.

      And will subject matters such as these I know the history pretty well!



  4. nice shot mark as CF said very summer feel , Thanks for orginising the day with CF and thanks for letting us use your boat

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