Jordie Bay colours

I took these shots just after the Thunderstorm last Saturday at Rottnest.

I did not even know these little bays existed!!

They can be found by simply following the path around the rim of the cliffs at the Western side of Jordie Bay


~ by True North Mark on January 27, 2010.

10 Responses to “Jordie Bay colours”

  1. Nice Mark, seems like you’re just starting to discover all these hidden gems over there, great work once again.

  2. Rotto is a great place to keep finding new bays, of course it helps if you have your own 50′ cruise ship to do your searching in 😉

    Great shot Mark, and thanks for an awesome day yesterday 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, glad you liked it….and the day yesterday.



      • Glad to see I’m not the only one online at this time of night. No doubt Christian is sat somewhere reading blogs and being a geek too 😀

      • Yeah mate…someone has to Be up and doin it eh!

        Just working up an Eagle Bay stitch that is looking ok!



  3. I’m amazed at how we take ‘our backyard’ for granted. There’s so much to see in and around Perth. Much wildlife in and around the pools?

    Cheers for the great trip to Rotto. We both had an awesome time and can’t wait for next year!


    • Gidday Dave,

      Yes there were all sorts of things in and around the pools.

      I have a good bird shot of some Mutton birds hammering a bait ball that I haven’t worked up yet…stay tuned!

      Great to catch up mate…we must get out for a shoot together.



  4. Once again you come up with the goods from Rotto, you really could to that Rotto book.

    Looks fantastic, what a lovely serene bay…and that water, wauv!

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