Eagle Bay Rottnest Island

I took a mate of mine to my favourite dive on the island over the weekend and then pinged off this pano. The interesting details in this shot are awesome…a little like those ‘where’s Wally’ cartoons that were going around a few years ago.

In just about every segment in this shot there is something happening.

There is a cave that goes straight under the rocks I took this shot from and then the caves and swim throughs from there on are just awesome!


~ by True North Mark on January 27, 2010.

15 Responses to “Eagle Bay Rottnest Island”

  1. I just love Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay, has to be one of my best places in WA.

    I bet the full size image would be incredible. That’s what I love about these stitched imagea, there’s just so much detail that you never knew was there whe you took the shot.

  2. This one’s a beauty Mark!

  3. Nice to see some different views of Rottnest, you always seem to get clear water and great skies where ever you go. Great shots as usual.

    • Thanks Peta,

      I think it is just that I am always there and when the skies etc present themselves then I am onto it!

  4. Never knew there was an Eagle Bay on Rotto.
    looks preety smart.

    Oz day pics are up on my blog.

  5. Nice one Mark, looks great would love to see it big,

  6. Hi Mark, great image for sure. Hey thanks also for yesterday. What an unreal trip!



    • Hi Dave,

      Glad you had a good time mate and thanks for the comment on Eagle Bay…one of the prettiest places in WA I reckon!

  7. Very nice pano Mark.
    Wish I was there on the boat, maybe one day.


  8. wow this is awesome mark your one talented man i wish i had half your skill mate keep them coming mate i look forward to every new image you put up


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