Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Sunrise

I woke up this morning and headed out to Fremantle at 0430 and was pleasantly rewarded with some awesome clouds. This is the first of a few shots I took during the early morning with more to come from Freo Sailing club, CY Oconnor Beach and the old Power station…stay tuned!

~ by True North Mark on January 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Sunrise”

  1. Hey Mark. I like the muted sky and water with the colourful boats in the centre. Reckon it works quite nicely!

    • Thanks mate, it is a huge image…an 11 photo stitch and the full size version looks great!

      Thanks for the comment mate!

  2. Very Nice Mark. I was wanting to head out early however I will be out tomorrow.
    Heading out to Cott to see whats on offer, beats taking evening shots with about a 1000 people bobbing around in the water, also there is a little bit of swell hanging around so that might be worth a look !
    Cheers Adrian

    • Sweet Adrian!

      I was going to go out this evening as well, but am a bit puffed from the early morning sortie!

      Plus the kids are home for dinner.

      Might head out early again tomorrow to see whats on offer!

      Hope you get something!

  3. Hey Mark Awesome colours on those boats. Where were you standing this looks quite high up.

    • Hi Dan,

      I was standing on the landing of the night club accessable from external stairs.

      Thanks for the comment. The large 1 gig version looks really good!



  4. Great panorama, love the sky and the colour of the boats.

    I was down in Freo before Christmas and got some shots of the same boats, unfortunately there were no clouds to spice up the sky but I might have a go stitching something up and see what I get. Stitching blue sky’s can be a bit of a pain though, any variation in tone shows up really badly.

  5. The colours in those boats really reach out don’t they – really contrast with the dark water and sky tones.

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