Rottnest does it again!!!

Well Rottnest did it again this weekend with some of the best conditions I have seen.

The water clarity was exceptional, the surf was awesome!!!

Justin was out with my daughter and her boyfriend Dave and hurt his hip surfing on Saturday. so the poor bugger was left to look after all the girls instead!!!


~ by True North Mark on January 18, 2010.

28 Responses to “Rottnest does it again!!!”

  1. nice wave action pic mate, that looks pretty sizable, The pic of Salmon bay would be better with something in the foreground, like a big umbrella or a girl sunbathing. Still they are great tourist shots and would sell well as stock, or might I say go well in a book.!!

  2. Whoooh. That surf pic is awesome mate. And you’ve managed to get all the right elements in the right places in that shot. Looks wild!

    • Thanks Dave…it was a stonkin surf mate…except for a couple of city dudes who haven’t learned the Rottnest ethical way of surfing yet! Once they went in it was great…surfed it for 3 hours and then again yesterday for the same time…feeling a bit weary now I can tell ya!



  3. Not talking to you anymore. 😉

    • Oh mate…go on…someones gotta do it so it may as well be me!!

      This weekends looking like a cracker as well!



  4. Geez know you’re really rubbing in!!! You know I’m not going to be on the boat. hehe.

  5. Love the first image Mark – looks great ! I hope you are still over there these last couple of days (looking at perf’s temps). 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments Tone, Peter and Adrian. Adrian, I have a Thomascraft 43ft cruiser and I use an old 4.8m ex True North tender to belt around the island in powered by a 60 hp 4 stroke Yami!

      I have had boats since I was 18 and have been going to Rotto since i was about 15 I reckon. I used to teach horse riding at the stables in the centre of the island…bet you didn’t know that there used to be horses there eh!!!

  6. Rottoman does it again, The top two look great.

  7. Hey Mark, the wave image has some serious punch, great action !
    What boat do you have for all these rotto jaunts.
    Cheers Adrian

  8. Yep , the two top ones for me tell a story !!!

    Not sure that I need to know anymore of the story in the second one. 🙂

    • They were a very handsome couple Merv and just enjoying the tranquility of Samon Bay.

      I have just posted a new Long Reach image…see if you like it!!

      Welcome back by the way…I have missed you bud!



  9. Horses on the island? That must’ve before the dinosaurs became extinct!!!

  10. just seen the Justins Harem pic, I’ve changed my mind, I’m coming to Rotto!! hehe

    • Always welcome mate!

      Did you get out this morning?

      I have been out since 0430 and got some gold!!



  11. Wuav, wauv, gotta come to Rotto! The surf pic is the best of this bunch, awesome one!

    • Good to here from you Bo!!

      Rotto will be on the agenda for sure when you get here mate!



      • Fantastic mate, can’t wait, thanks! I was offline for 8 days on a Thailand island and beach 🙂

        Probably coming over quite soon, within a few weeks and then staying quite a few weeks in WA. Just need to get plane tickets and find some accommodation for me and my friend.

      • You can stay here whilst in Perth Bo. I have some spare rooms.

  12. Nice work Mark. That wave pic works well with the sailboat in the background.
    You should sell it as stock. A mate of mine is a surf photographer and makes thousands each year selling generic wave images.

  13. Hey Flemming,

    I was wondering where you had got to. Welcome back.


  14. Lovin’ that wave shot Mark. Keep some free cards for the camera for Australia Day – Merv and I should be able to clear the beaches for you pretty quickly and you’ll get some pristine images then. 🙂

  15. Hi Mark, that surf shot is a cracker. Can see that printed up nice and large.

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