The Magic of Rottnest

Above are a range of images I captured at Rottnest Island on Sunday. Rottnest is an amazing place as you can always find something to do. The weather forecasts were not that appealing for yesterday or today, but it ended up being very special.

We started the morning yesterday with a fantastic breakfast at the Dome. They were really busy but we received our meals within 15 minutes and everything was spot on. A welcome change to some of the restaurants I have visited lately!

But how are these skies!

Fay’s Bay is the next bay West of Longreach where we have a mooring and is very protected from any Southerly breeze.

Some Terns turned it on for me on one shot and the colours found in various areas around Fay’s Bay were amazing.

Other activities taken on at Rottnest over the weekend were Surfing at West End and at Stark…copped a bit of a flogging at Stark though!

Some fishing for Whiting, a dive, a snorkel around Long Reach and a couple of walks to the settlement for Breakfast and some shopping.

Al in all a very enjoyable weekend!


~ by True North Mark on January 11, 2010.

28 Responses to “The Magic of Rottnest”

  1. my god, you don’t mess around do you. You would have to be the most prolific photographer in Australia. Nice compilation of classic Rotto pics. The tourist board there are going to love you. Actually you should think about putting a book together of Rotto. It would sell like hot cakes. I get 5% for everyone you sell for coming up with the idea!

  2. Mark now owns the record for the most number of images on one post. My God you don’t much around!!
    Looks like a great weekend. And you have your trademark dramatic skies!
    Youaredaman for the beach shots dude!

  3. Man, do you get time to sleep ? Some goody’s in this lot once again Mark. Had to keep ducking as I scrolled through them though, felt like something was flying over my head looking at those clouds.

  4. Nice shots Mark. So what’s your secret on getting the sweeping skies, they look fantastic.

  5. Mate awesome once again!! You just seem to score the awesome skies while we have boring blue skies!! So you shooting these with a 16-35mm??

  6. Looks like a beaut place.

  7. Sounds like an awesome w/e Mark ! As you mentioned, those clouds are stunning. I never went to rotto when I was in WA – next time !

    cheers and all the best in 2010 Mark.
    tone (-:

    • Thanks Tone…then you missed out on seeing the best place on the planet mate!

      I have been going there since I was 15 and I never get sick of it!



  8. nice shots from rotto mate wish i was there



  9. Great Skies Mark, unfortunately I had to work but I did manage to climb on top of the cruiser and get a sky panorama and save it for another day.

  10. Hey Mark, some great shots here of rotto, I was there just over a week ago was a great fay, didnt bring camera though. Flies were a bit annoying but they left when the sea breeze cam in. Im looking forward to the cruise over there, will be an excellent day.

  11. Hi Mark,

    I think you’ve managed to capture the spirit and beauty of Rottnest extremely well in these photos. Your top photo is certainly my favourite as you’ve choosen to show us people at play which is what Rotto is all about.

    Got to love the skies as well. Ahhhh Rotto.


    • Thanks Jamie!

      I thought that I may have failed the mission with these photos as I did not get many comments on them.

      Christian has encouraged me to do a book on Rotto and I con officially say that I am now onto it!

      I am over there most weekends so who better to put such a book together eh!



  12. Now that is an awesome idea. One that would certainly sell like hot cakes, particularly with the tourist market.

    Would you include underwater shots as well?

    It would be good to see some photos of the settlement as well.

    If you ever need a photography assistant whilst you’re creating you book let me know. 😉

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes, I probably will look at some underwater shots. I know the best places on the island to dive, but will focus mainly on landscapes and what makes Rotto what it is.

      I already have a pretty good stock of Rotto photos, but will now be more targeted on getting shots of every bay at its best including Thompsons of course!

      I will certainly yell out if I need assistance. If you are ever over there on a weekend yell out coz I will probably be there!



  13. I’d love to see some half in the water and half out of the water shots like this one. as well.

  14. Stunning, stunning clouds…oh you really make one wanna go to Rotto straight away, can’t wait. CF is right, your Rotto book is a good idea, you seem to really nail this place as you obviously know and love it.

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