Eagles food prep area Augusta

This image is a little different in that I went to these rocks to see if I could get a shot of the Augusta Lighthouse, but what attracted me to the shot was the large number of broken shells on these rocks.

It is obvious that there is a few Eagles or Ospreys that live nearby and it is also obvious that these rocks are perfect for them to drop the large Konk type shells onto the flat contained area in order to break open the shells so that they can access the delicacies inside.

You can see a few of the shells up on top of the rocks in the foreground, but these are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of broken shells littered around this area.

We left what was a pretty nice day in Eagle Bay to drive to Augusta and certainly picked the wrong day. Augusta had 40 knot plus winds that day and it is only an hours drive from Eagle Bay!!!

~ by True North Mark on January 8, 2010.

17 Responses to “Eagles food prep area Augusta”

  1. nice panoramic Mark, love the colours in those rocks

  2. Sweet shot Mark. Nice panorama. Would love to see the birdies there one day!

    • Yeah mate, me too. I looked around for a while, but they were no where to be seen. But with the amount of broken shells that were there, I would say that a whole family resides somewhere close by.

      I am thinking that they were struggling to get their flight plans approved to fly that day given the 40 knots of wind eh!!! 🙂

  3. Makes sense mate! Would love to know if they are ospreys or sea eagles. Saw a white-bellied sea-eagle at Cape Cuvier over christmas. Got a few shots but nothing great. Really magestic birds!
    Have a top weekend Mark.

    • Same to you Dave..off to Rotto for us!



    • Hi Guys

      Mark I was at this spot last week and saw the birds, well one was hovering around. Dave not a 100% sure but I think they were Ospreys.Crappy weather for shotting when we were there.

  4. Mark – I was there in Sept, and the shells were there then. I am not sure they were Ospreys – they eat fish and their nests are huge – you can’t miss them. I thought at the time it could be locals gathering abalone and using the convenient large flat area to process them. Or perhaps it is a midden where aboriginals used to gather shells. Also the shells can be hard to pry off the rocks.

    FYI there is an opsrey nest between Cape Mentelle and Kilcarnup beach – they nest there every year around September.


  5. The colours’ in the rocks and sky are really cool. How did you get that ‘punch’ of colour in the rocks?

  6. Nice perspective on the lighthouse – have taken a heap of shots of it and don’t reckon I’ve got one keeper. Definitely would be interesting to see what goes on there with the shells.

  7. there is something I like about it mate, probably because I have been there before but came away with nothing!

    • Well that’s gotta be good in itself!

      Got sine good stuff at Rotto yesterday so stay tuned..will post later tonight!



  8. Great shot Mark, beautiful colours.

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