Boneyards at Bunkers Bay

Here is another shot from the world famous Bunkers Bay and at the end near Boneyards surf break.

The original stitch was supposed to have 2 more images in it but I did not overlap them enough…DOH!

Anyway, I am pretty happy with how this turned out eh!

~ by True North Mark on January 6, 2010.

20 Responses to “Boneyards at Bunkers Bay”

  1. Hi Mark, excellent shots in your last shoot at Bunkers, definitely my pick of your recent south west photos. They really show the colours of Bay as they are on those dreamy summery days….

  2. Fantastic Mark. Love the colours, looks really inviting.

  3. Nice one Mark. Don’t you hate it when you stitch with a wide angle for a few days and then use a longer lense and don’t overlap enough! Have you tried to plave them in manually?
    Nice work from the SW!

    • Hi Dave,

      I have tried manually, but there is simply not enough to work with. I was doing some tutoring at the time with a couple of keen young photographers and I think I got distracted whilst doing the stitch.

      Never mind, I am happy with how it turned out in any case.

      Thanks for the compliment mate!

  4. This one is really super Mark, good composition and also the colours are just perfect!

    • Thanks Bo!

      When I get a compliment like that from you, I know I have done good eh!



  5. I like this, everthing in this shot just works 🙂

    • Thanks William

      I am glad I managed to salvage something after making a basic mistake!



  6. This is my pick of the bunch Mark, I can see this printed and hanging on a wall in True north ashore, what do you reckon ? Represents the area really well.

    Cheers Pete.

    • Yes I reckon it is my fav as well Pete and for sure would look good on the wall.

      I might just do that eh!



      • Hi Mark great shots , just missed you the other day at the gallery, i should have made the time to catch up with you while we were down there.

        Something caught my eye in a window down there and i’m thinking of putting in an offer …… but you wouldn’t like it .. he he he .

        Back on deck again soon !!!!

      • Great to here from you Merv!

        Happy new year mate!

        You should have dropped into True North Ashore for a beer mate!



  7. its all been said mate nice shot


  8. Beautiful shot Mark. You’ve managed to capture everything we love about the SW – blue sky, clear water, clean white sand and some classic rock formations. Couldn’t ask for more.

  9. Don’t need to say it again Mark, but nice image.

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