Other Side of the Moon Black and White

Here’s a Black and White version of the Other Side of the Moon shot for Bryce….I agree Bryce, it did work quite well,

Thanks for the heads up!

~ by True North Mark on January 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Other Side of the Moon Black and White”

  1. Happy New Year Mark!
    Not long back from Carnarvon.

    I’m not really a fan of b&w but I reckon this one works nicely. It does indeed look a bit like the other side of the moon!

    Your other shots from the SW also look great. You’ve been a busy boy!

    • Yeah, I have been having fun Dave.

      Off to Gallows and Augusta today so stay tuned!



  2. The B & W version makes this shot, much more appealing than the colour version in my opinion.

    Cheers Pete.

  3. Like this image a lot Mark … The Black and White really makes it a standout for me …

  4. Hey Mark nice one, I like the bw version much more then the colour for this image

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