Bunkers Bay West

Here is a view of Bunkers Bay looking West. One of the prettiest bays in the Margaret River Region down near Cape Naturalist.

~ by True North Mark on January 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Bunkers Bay West”

  1. You guys over in WA have the most beautiful beaches. Cant wait to head home (Perth) in Dec 2010 and shoot some. Nice shot too Mark 🙂

    • Thanks Matt,

      Indeed our beaches are as good as you will see anywhere eh!

      Thanks for dropping by.



  2. WA beaches are stunning, this is outstanding. Is this near Grace Town? I been there once.

    Nice shot too with good composition. A small suggestion, get down a bit lower (without actually dunking the camera hehe) so you lower the horizon and get the rocks closer to the camera, more drama.

    • Hi Bo

      Not possible for that shot mate. The waves were splashing around my knees as it was!



      • Hehe, ok, the 1D probably would not like a close encounter with those waves.

        I am btw coming to WA beginning or middle of February !

      • Sweet Bo

        We will arrange some fun times over at Rotto and down south for sure!



      • Brilliant, can’t wait ! Once I know the dates I will let you all know, it will probably be land in Perth around 1st of Feb, meet WA crew for about a week or a week and a half, then over to Sydney to hang out with Rodney and others for a week and a half.

      • Sounds good Bo!



    • Oh and the beach is on the point of Cape Naturalist Bo.



  3. Fantastic colours Mark, I always find new great shots every time I come to your blog!

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