Eagle Bay Clarity

After a cracker surf at Bears today, I joined my wife for a cooling swim at Eagle Bay.

The water clarity was to die for and it just so happened that I had my trusty 1Ds with me.

Here is a sample of what we had down there.


~ by True North Mark on January 3, 2010.

16 Responses to “Eagle Bay Clarity”

  1. Clarity of that water is simply amazing!!! Good thing you always bring your camera!

    Where is Eagle Bay again, I don’t think I know that spot.

  2. nice and inviting Markie, just a thought, I think it would be good to see the water look a little more blue. I think if you went to selective colour, clicked on the neutrals and pulled a bit of yellow out it would make the sand look whiter. Now I know it may have looked that way but I think the whiter sand is always nicer for these types of shots.
    Just my thoughts, it was a beautiful day wasn’t it. I should have the 14-24 nikon lens for the D3s tomorrow so will be very keen to do something like this with you.

  3. All good advice mate,

    I will give you a call after I get back from an early surf.

    Probably about 1000



  4. no wukkers mate

  5. That must be pretty hard to take Mark……all that blue water and white sand. Nice work. Liking your lst few posts too mate.

    So tell me, you’d be a good source, is CF gonna do the change over??? he seems pretty excited by having a Nikon back in his hands again!!!!!

    • I think he’s tettering Jamie… But I also think he mightvwait to see what Canon have up their sleeve!



  6. Hi Mark, How about you get Christian and yourself down here to Margs!! We need some new shots for us!!!!!!!!! Kym

  7. Really like this shot too Mark, more grouse stuff. You have almost made the Eagle Bay water as clear as Bunker Bay water! Almost….

    • I am off to bunkers in a mo Rod, so will see what we can get there!

      Conditions are not ideal so will be working hard!!



  8. Nice shots, Mark – Happy New Year to you and see you in a few weeks 🙂

  9. Hey Mark, how long are you hanging around down south for? Was thinking of heading down for a day on Wednesday. Had poor conditions down Esperance way, so thinkin might get luckier down your way. So if you’re around and gonna be out shooting….I’ll hit CF up too!!

    • Hi Jamie,

      I will be going for a surf in the morning and then could be up for a quick photo shoot before going back to Perth later that day.

      Give me a call on 0418 920 271 when you know what you are up to.



  10. No dramas Mark, I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


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