Wyadup Drama Skies and Happy New Year!!!

My first post for 2010…man that year went quick!

I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. The drama in the skies very much compliments the beauty that is Wyadup!!

There is no doubt that this place deserves to be thought of as very special as so many do.

Hope you like the composition.

And Greggy, you better give me a comment after pushing me for a post!

All the best for the new year to all my loyal blogging community!

~ by True North Mark on January 1, 2010.

10 Responses to “Wyadup Drama Skies and Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I put a comment about True North Ashore on one of my posts. This is a great shot certainly a great capture. I wonder if the green patch in the middle could be lightned just a touch. It looks a little dark compared to the rest of the photo. As always just my opinion. 🙂


  2. Hey Mark,
    Love the sky in this one. What a place this is. I will have to venture down there and give it a go myself. Check out my 1st post for 2010 !
    Cheers Adrian

  3. Shit Yeah! Give me skies like that every day!

    P.S. I am a serial blog watcher of yours Mark and felt guilty when you wished a happy new year to all your “loyal” bloggers. Made me want to comment after so long. If only everyone posted as often as you did but then again you live the most exciting life out of all of us…

  4. I’m back in Perth now so if I don’t meet you beforehand I’ll see you at that info night at Team Digital in Feb if you’re still planning on going down.

  5. Wednesday the 24th of Feb at 6pm at Team Digital pal.

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