Wyadup Lagoon

I am pretty happy with this shot as I think it shows off the beauty of Wyadup and the lagoon there pretty well. So many people I know say that Wyadup is there very own ‘special spot’ and hopefully with this image, you can all see why that is.


~ by True North Mark on December 30, 2009.

14 Responses to “Wyadup Lagoon”

  1. Nice one Mark, I like the colours in the rocks

  2. Mate, liking all these photos. Glad you’re getting some half decent light up there, cause further south we’re not so lucky…hopefully soon!!

    • Thanks Jamie,

      It has all be condensed into one day so far mate!

      I am thinking about a full Moon session on Friday night…fingers crossed!



  3. Hey Mark great images all round. I spent xmas in margaret river but didnt get much cloud or lighting conditions worthy of a shoot. Monday night was awesome but I was sitting in the must wine bar enjoying myself!
    How long are you in Duns.
    Cheers Adrian

  4. Hiya Mark, just wanted to say really grouse images from your time down south. I am in the same area as you, and your pictures mean I can’t blame the conditions for my pictures not being that good. Damn…..

    • He he Rob…that’s a funny comment!

      Thanks for the kind words mate…enjoy your time down south…it is very nice eh!



  5. Nice Shot Mark! the tides there confuse me haha ive only been there once at low tide!!!

    • Hi Adrian

      Yes there are different advantages at both low and high.

      I have seen some great structure with these super low tides as well.



  6. just looked at truenorthashore bloody hell that looks like a nice place!

  7. nice one mate i love it and its one of my special places


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