Storm Colours at Eagle Bay and Quindalup

We are down at True North Ashore at Eagle Bay at present and we were treated with an amazing sky show today that lasted for most of the day.

Jamie Paterson and I started the day at 0400 to try and get the sunrise at Sugarloaf Rock, but were beaten by the rain. This afternoon more than made up for it though as we went out to Quidalup and then Wyadup Rocks. I pinged a few off on the way just down from True North Ashore.

Christian was balling as he had home duties assigned…next time mate!


~ by True North Mark on December 29, 2009.

16 Responses to “Storm Colours at Eagle Bay and Quindalup”

  1. Hi Mark

    Both these shots are amazing. First one is my favourite you captured the sky and water so well. Bring on Saturday night


  2. Excellent colours and great composition in that first image Mark. Did yo use a ND Grad to get that cloud movement? Have a great new year.

  3. Love those clouds in the first one, nice dramatic wide angle capture!

  4. yep really like the top one. I think I missed out big time!!! I was on my way back from Mandurah when you took this one. I would like to have seen the water in the foreground blurred. I think if you blended the movement shot on the beach with the still shot of the ocean and boat it would be a big winner. You know what I’m trying to say? I like the colour and composition of this too.

  5. Very juicy Mark. i love the color you have captured in the water in the first shot. Love your work mate.

  6. oh, i believe it is ‘flora’ Mark. haha. Flora and fauna. Dislexic? hehe

  7. mark,
    very nice mate…… big man hugs from me ! !

  8. Hi Mark, Like the first image a lot, looks great just as it is!


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