A Skydiving Farewell to Youngy!!!

The reason I was in the area of Matilda Bay last Friday was that there was a memorial jump for an old mate who died recently of Cancer. His name was Ian Young and he was the Chief Instructor of Hillman Farm Skydivers for many years, back when that was my dropzone.

Hillman Farm is still operational and is located down past Williams and near Darkan.

Youngy wanted his ashes to be scattered over the park in front of Steve’s hotel where we did so many jumps over the years.

The crew on the last jump had his ashes in the bag and then just before break off they set Youngy free to forever fly and be free at Steves.

It was a sad reason for being there, but it was also good to see a bunch of Skydiving mates that I haven’t seen for a while.

The photos are of GT..closest to the target as always, Toots…the most delightful lady you will ever meet…she always has a smile on her face and she runs Toot’s cafe at Skydive Express and then there was Clive Meakans…a long time Hillman Farm supporter and very much a character in his own right!

These are a just a cross section of the better shots I took as there were 2 loads of 14 that jumped into Steve’s park last Friday evening.

Man Small…Why Fall…Skies Call…That’s All


~ by True North Mark on December 23, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Skydiving Farewell to Youngy!!!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your mate Mark. Looks like a great send off though…

  2. great story Markie, nice to see your mate getting his dying wish. We are getting to that age when people just start dying around us hey. I know when you finally hang up your camera there will be no regrets. You pack in a lot of living and we should all do the same.

  3. Nice one Stockdale..

  4. How did the group photo go you took,,would love a copy,,cheers wayne

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