Western Australian Christmas Tree in Full Bloom

Tiz the season to be merry…la la lala la la la la la!! Or something like that! On the way back from down south today I saw this cracker Western Australian Christmas Tree in full bloom and some more of these awesome clouds created by the North West Cyclone.

The 2 came together very well and I did a black and white version just for something different.

These trees are only found in Western Australia and they only come into bloom just before Xmas…hence the name!


~ by True North Mark on December 22, 2009.

14 Responses to “Western Australian Christmas Tree in Full Bloom”

  1. Now that’s rather nice Mark.

    Love the clouds with the flowers, they sorta go together well.

    It’s colour for me though , not to fond of the B&W



  2. Another classic Mark Stothard sky. Great colours. Much prefer the colour shot. We both know how artistic I ain’t!
    Did you also know that the Chrissy trees are also parrisites? Nature is pretty cool eh?
    Also saw one of your flame trees this arvo. Impressive colours!

  3. I love the black and white version, looks like infra-red. I also drove past that tree yesterday and with my polarised sunnies, was blown away. Did you try a polariser? There was a massive difference in the colour thru the sunnies!! Once again, ur shooting is amazing, and I feel the passion oozing outa your blog mate.

    • Thanks Chizzy,

      I was on the way back from down south and in a bit if a hurry, so no didn’t use the polarizer, but as I drove away thought just that eh!

      Next time mate!

      Thanks again!



  4. Hey Mark I’ve put up my version of the Flame Tree.

    Maybe others could get a shot of one of them and put them up, lets see how many flame trees are around Perth eh .

    Cheers .

  5. the b&w is superb! merry christmas and i wish you and your family a happy & safe new year

  6. damn you, been trying to get a shot like this for a couple of years now. 😛
    never managed to get the right conditions- and most of the one’s around me are losing their punchy colour now so i may have missed it again this year (probably no time for me to drive too far to look for a good tree)

    it’s the colour for me, great clouds and sky- and the christmas tree’s I love all the time. 🙂
    i’ll be heading out to the beach boxing day so hopefully will get some clouds sitting nicely for me as there are usually plenty of nice tree’s along the way.

    have a good chrissy and new years

    • I know what you mean mate!

      I have been looking for this shot for a whilt now myself abd I nearly drove past this one eh!



  7. nup its B&W for sure for me, that is a sweet shot and as Chissy said, it does look like Inra-red.

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