Matilda Bay Sunset

I was out near Matilda Bay on Friday evening and was presented with this amazing sky at sunset…right place at the right time..classic sunset!

I have been riding past this red tree on most weeks when we do our rides around the river and I have always admired this tree. I have been waiting for the right time and circumstance to capture it…this was also one of those times!!

If anyone knows what sort of tree it is I would be grateful to have that knowledge. It is stunning. Just on the right before you get to the Uni travelling West


~ by True North Mark on December 20, 2009.

22 Responses to “Matilda Bay Sunset”

  1. Not 100% sure Mark but i think that’s a Illarwarra Flame tree. they are at their best now they are flowering.

    i took a shot of one of these in South Perth last week but I was hindered by powerlines , i might put it up if i can make something of it.


  2. Hi Mark,

    I’m pretty sure they are Flametrees. I headed out to the beach on Friday and got some shots I was really happy with.


  3. Hi Mark, Love the middle shot with those clouds and refreshingly different perspective of the boat shed. Magic. I also think that it is a flame tree, nice specimen too.

  4. Flame tree…like in the Cold Chisel song.

    Love the angle on the boat shed shot.

  5. I’m with Merv, looks nothing like my mother’s Flame Tree’s. There is a ‘Flame Tree’ and an ‘Illawarra Flame Tree’ the former is an import I think and is rounder. I think that could be the best Boat Shed photo I’ve seen in a while, great clouds:)

    • Thanks Matt…I reckon the Illarwarra it must be then eh!

      Thanks for the compliment on the boat shed mate!

  6. Nice work Mark, some beautiful warm tones there. Gotta love those wide angles!! So when’s your exhibition??

    • Hi Jamie..good question!

      I might do one this year I reckon!

      I will see how I go for time.

      Stay tuned!



  7. I like the top pic best Mark, Nice composition and pov.

  8. Hey Mark is the red colour from the trees leaves or berries. I reckon flame trees have red leaves in Autumn. I’m not up to speed on exotic trees! Nice skies yet again mate.

    • The flame trees that I know of have green leaves and red flowers.

      This tree seems to have a heap more red flowers and berries and only a few green leaves.

      Extremely eye catching tree and well worth a look!

  9. Learn something every day Mark! Look forward to an exhibition!

  10. Damn we must of been so close yet never ran into each other … I was actually discussing this very tree and its name with my brother on that very night, before heading to greicos for dinner in nedlands …

  11. Big Organge Tree, nice shots Mark, second person to go somewhere I was thinking of heading last weekend and didnt get the chance lol

    • Hey William, thanks for the comments mate! I know exactly what you mean and have missed a few crackers shots by thinking…nah I’ll get it next time I am here and then of course next time doesn’t come eh!

      Tonight is a classic example….went out to South Perth Yacht club for some Chrissey drinks with some mates and was not going to take the camera…but did and I am about to post a cracker as a result!

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