Little Joyce all well and happy!

Here is a shot of little Joyce just sent back to me from True North at home in her village in the Louisiades and all well again.

The last time I saw little Joyce she was lying flat on her stomach, she had some ladies looking after her and rubbing coconut milk into her extensive burns and was on constant antibiotics to stop the burns getting infected. She had burns all down her thighs and across her butt and back from a grass skirt that caught fire.

She had already been like that for a couple of months and it took about 7 months to get through the Bureaucratic red tape from both PNG and Aus to get her to Melbourne hospital!! From there it took 5 months to get her well again. That is a huge amount of time for anyone to have to endure pain like that!

A big thanks goes our to one of our regular passengers who used his contacts and resources to pave the way to make this happen…Mr. X!

Also a very big thank you to Brad {one of our Captains} who stayed with this project like a dog with a bone and also to the medical staff who made her well again.

Seeing her smile in this photo and to see that she now has a chance at a normal life, very much makes my day.

Well done to all concerned and I hope this little story will put a smile on the faces of my blogging community! :]

How beautiful is that smile eh!!! :}

~ by True North Mark on December 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “Little Joyce all well and happy!”

  1. What an incredible story, so positive and full of life when it seemed perhaps all hopes were lost for her. Wonderful.

    But 7 months of red tape to help a girl with terrible burns, that is terrible!

    • Yes Bo, it is a great result.

      The red tape in Australia certainly has to be addressed.

      We are about to go to war with AMSA for the 3rd time over survey issues with True North.

      It is hard enough to run any business in these times but when you compound the difficulties with red tape it makes you want to jump off the merry go round sometimes!



  2. These stories are so inspiring mate.

  3. She’s giving you the thumbs up buddy … Cant buy a feeling like that you received in return for your for your good work …

    More red tape and paperwork coming in the form of a carbon tax …

    • Don’t get me started on Carbon tax mate coz that is all it is!

      The planet will be no better off and we will all be poorer!



      • They even left the tax in the term when the US is calling it a Cap and Trade … Same thing different name … All under the guise of increased government control of the people … I’ll stop now, its the festive season and the grills ready for some red meat 🙂

      • Yeah mate…it gets my gills red too eh!!!

        You could go on all night about it so suffice to say we’re getting screwed!!



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