Jet Ranger Confirmed for Australia Day

All those who have booked on True North for the Australia Day function at Rottnest, I can now confirm that we have secured a Jet Ranger from Rotovation and the Pilot will be Dave Adminson. Dave has flown many a sortie for me when I was a Skydiving Santa and is a very competant pilot!

The costs are coming in at $190 per prerson for a 15 minute sortie around the island. We are only going to put 3 photographers in the aircraft at once and the doors will be off, so each photographer will get a total birdseye and unrestricted view of the island.

Of course you will be taking off an landing on the True North and that is an experience in itself!

The day will start with guests joining us at 1030 hrs to 1100 hrs at the latest. True North will then cruise off and the jet Ranger will join us as we leave the heads. On the way over we will conduct a short vessel safety brief followed by a heli safety brief.

Tutorials will start not long after we arrive at Rottnest and the heli flights will also start then so that we can get through the numbers should everyone want to take up the opportunity to have an awesome scenic flight over Rotto.

We will fit lunch in sometime around 1300 hrs, I reckon and then the day will just be more of the same. Rotating between the tutors to hear their words of wisdom, heli excursions, dinghy excursions for those who would like to go ashore and generally enjoying the ambience of True North.

Please either respond to the blog by comment, or send me an email at if you will be taking up the heli option so that I have an idea of numbers. Of course if there is not enough interest in the heli, I will can it and just run things from the vessel, so please let me know.

Not far now to Australia Day and some fun times on True North. Stay safe between now and then!!!

~ by True North Mark on December 18, 2009.

17 Responses to “Jet Ranger Confirmed for Australia Day”

  1. Hey Mark, Skye and I will be up for a heli flight, hopefully on the same flight !
    Speak to you on the day and have a great and relaxed christmas regards Adrian

  2. Hey I think I have shot with Dave before! Has he worked with Black Olive Productions?

  3. Mark , just as a side line, don’t forget there is a cheaper option if anyone is game , in fact I believe it could be done for free.


    To help you with numbers for the real thing , I’ll be keeping my feet firmly on the deck thanks.

    Great idea though and you are putting in the effort to make it a great day so I hope others can take advantage of the offer.


  4. All the best for Xmas and New Year Mark!


  5. Mark, count me in – Love heli’s. I’d think twice if a Robbie 22, but this’ll do me. Heck, half an hour + would do me 🙂

    • Thanks Simon

      We will need a few more starters at this stage other wise we will have to can it!

      I think I have only had 2 positives so far…cummon photogs..let me know if the heli is the play or not?



  6. Mark, no worries – understood. Are you going to email out a notice about it? Maybe people, unlike us, aren’t checking the blog around Christmas.

  7. Sorry Mark, I’ll be staying around sea level (give or take) 🙂

  8. Mark,
    You can count me in for a heli flight. Wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. Just hope you get enough people wanting to do it.
    Leigh Diprose

    • Will do Leigh…not sure if we will get enough at this stage though. I reckon I only have enough for a couple of loads at the most so far.



  9. Ailas and I will be in for a ride

    • Hi Ric,

      Thanks for advising about the interest for the heli.

      We have a few loads but nt quite enough interest yet to justify the heli…maybe we will have a late run!

      See you in a few weeks.



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