One for Dave and Merv!

I thought I would change the theme for a bit and follow Merv’s lead and show some birds.

This is a shot of some Pink Cockatoos that we saw whilst out with Dave Bettini, Christian and Greggy on the Paynes Find trip.


~ by True North Mark on December 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “One for Dave and Merv!”

  1. Nice colour and country feel to this one Mark.

  2. Nice mate!

  3. Mark, u even bring the word excitement to life. i am really enjoying ur blogging, and i will get around to it myself one day, but ur zest for bringing me into ur world of photography via ur posting is nothing short of inspirational. Even a simple image of pink cockies has been beautifully captured. No doubt, ur 28-300 at play here!!! I don’t forget going surfing with you mate, i wish I had the gusto to get over my own photography hurdles, but keep it up mate, ur enthusiasm IS contagious, and im sure the west oz photog community is riding off the back of u, CF, spool, jamie, MF, and Merv and loving it.

  4. right place right time (?) great way to capture the moment

    • Hey Chloe, indeed…Dave was on the other side of the road, but he got some cool stuff don’t worry!

      Merry Xmas Chloe!



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