Rottnest Shags at Longreach

We have a regular flock of Shags that sit out on a rock in Longreach Bay. I like the way they are all looking out to sea over their million dollar view in this image and how a coupe of them frame the boat off in the distance.

I also like the colours and water movement in the foreground in this image.


~ by True North Mark on December 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rottnest Shags at Longreach”

  1. I’m just shagged looking at your pics, oh did I call you a bastard???

    • Thanks for all the comments mate…you coulda been there mate remember!

      I liked the Shot grabbing pecker comment and the ‘I’m shagged’ comments mate!

      I have more where these came from as well!

      I will try the chequer one in Photomatix.



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