Rottnest Tranquility

Here you go Dave…what sort of bird is this? Whilst we were up on this rock, this little Tacker flew in to be sure he got into the picture!! Everytime the auto focus beep went off he even seemed to preen himself a little more for the camera!

This shot was taken with a 50mm so you can see how close he let me get eh!

~ by True North Mark on December 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Rottnest Tranquility”

  1. I’m sure that is a Tern of some type. The only name of a Tern that I know is the Lesser Noddy Tern, but not sure if thats it.

    Dave is your man for the definitve answer though I’m sure.

  2. Oh by the way thats a nice shot with the lighthouse in the background , tells the story that it’s a seabird.

    I really like it.

  3. Just looked him up Mark. Looks like a sooty tern and it would seem that they are more often found up north so your shot is possibly that little bit more special for it. Like it alot!

    • Sweet!

      He looked like he was looking for a friend!

      He landed just next to me when I was shooting West and then when I moved to the Eastern point of view, he flew over there to be in that shot as well!

      Very cool. If I had known that he was a little lost and lonely I would have offered one of my famous cuddles!

      Thanks for that Dave!



  4. looks like a shot grabbing pecker to me in my professional opinion.

  5. love it.
    not everyday you’d get the chance for a shot like this taht’s for sure!
    very lucky 🙂

    • Aahhh but you have to be there to get the luck which means getting out and having a crack!

      After all of the years I have been going to Rotto I only thought to climb that rock this weekend!



  6. Nice colour and comp. Looking forward to 10 days there in March – hopefully get some good photo opportunities and weather to boot.

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