Some great news from the Louisiades

The year before last we managed to help this little girl shown being cuddled by one of our cruise Director’s Nitty. We came across her in a lot of pain and a doctor on board said that she would be in a lot of trouble if we didn’t get her to a Hospital, or she could even die. She had a bad infection in her belly button.

We flew her to Alotau in our heli and she was operated on the next day. She recovered fully, so when we returned back that village last year we were greeted by the tribe as heros. They had a full on ceremony for us and it was extremely moving.

Well the news from the boat this week, is equally rewarding!!!

Not long after leaving the village where Grace was we came across another little girl with burns all over the back of her legs and back. She was in a lot of pain and the only thing that could give her was coconut oil and anti biotics. She had already been lying on her stomach for 2 months or more.

We decided to once again come to the rescue and together with the resources from one of our passengers, we got he to Royal Melbourne hospital and after 5 months she is now fully recovered!

Last week she and her mother were returned to her village on True North and I think the festivities will still be going on from what they were describing on the boat!!

It is great to be able to put something back to this beautiful culture and it is very satisfying for sure!

My good news story for the end of the week! Have a great weekend everyone…I am off to Rotto!

~ by True North Mark on December 11, 2009.

19 Responses to “Some great news from the Louisiades”

  1. Great story and congratulations to all concerned .

    • Thanks Merv….it is good to be able to put back every now and again rather than always endulging!



  2. Mark, congratulations – it’s good to see a little good being done in the world today. Enjoy Rotto, sounds like the perfect weekend for it!

  3. Fantastic Mark, well done, if we all would follow your example the world would be better off! We can’t help everyone but we can help those we meet that need help and that goes a long way.

  4. Another great story – have top time over at Rotto.

    • Thanks for the comments Bo and Dave…feeling pretty good about the fact that we were able to help Joyce.



  5. Nice yarn and outcome for you Mark, just the sort of stuff we need to be hearing about around Xmas time I reckon. Cheer’s.

  6. Great story Mark, it’s great to see people who can help actually doing it. Awesome stuff!!

  7. That’s absolutely fantastic Mark – keep the great work going mate ! 🙂

  8. anyone who gets to know you and the staff of True North know what a fantastic bunch of people you are. It is awesome you and Craigo have been able to do this for the people of PNG again. Anyone who knows you knows of your compassion for the people you can help. It was obvious when you first met Merv and he got one of your famous cuddles. The guy has been a softy ever since, unless of course he doesn’t like your photo then he is still our Merv the Mervinator!!!

    • Hey little buddy, thanks for all the cool comments…I think you might have another big cuddle coming your way!

      Rotto is as good as I have ever seen it this weekend and today is gonna top yesterday if that’s at all possible!

      Absolutely oily today and the viz underwater is to die for!!!



  9. Great story….well done. Seeing the world and making it better as you go…FANTASTIC. Have a swim for me on Rotto!

  10. Absolutely fabulous work Mark, I hope your humanitarian work is recognised.

    Great news story.

    • Thanks Thomas,

      The best part of it is that we know we have made a difference.

      At the end of the day, that’s all that counts.



  11. Great story and great outcome. That kind of help would probably have been beyond these people’s wildest expectations.

    • Yeah Muzz and without it those little girls were not looking at a good or long term outcome!



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