Catch us if you can!!

These Picinini’s are just like any normal kids and on our return from Noipus Village we found them racing each other back to shore.

Oily calm water, thunderstorms off in the distance and a rainbow to boot. I have a colour version as well which is also pretty cool, but I think in this instance the Black and White works quite well.

~ by True North Mark on December 10, 2009.

11 Responses to “Catch us if you can!!”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Technically its certainly a fantastic photo. Emotionally its an even more amazing photo. Why? It rings true to a lot of the conversations we have all been having lately about taking the time to stop and smell the roses. Simplify and enjoy life, its all about what we do with life and not what we own.

    You’ve managed to capture the pure innocent joy of these kids who have literally nothing but poverty in their lives, yet look who happy they are. Are they upset because they had their Xbox or Playstation privileges taken away from them? Doesn’t look like.

    Thanks for sharing mate,


  2. Love those tropical clouds and glistening water. Really nice tones and contrast especially through the water area that the kids and their boats are. Perfect 2/3 rule in framing of the large tropical cloud on the right …

  3. This is a cracker of a shot, even the rainbow works in B&W. Well done Mark.

  4. An amazing shot Mark!!! Captured the boats, horizon and clouds all in perfect golden rule composition. Not we ever have to follow rules, it’s a guideline, but here it works.

    But can we see the colour version please? not that this isn’t great but it is the tropics, gotta see the colours 🙂

    • Will post on Sunday Bo…at Rotto and it is about as good as it gets!!

      Took some classics this morning…stay tuned!



  5. like it a lot mate, the B&W adds to the nostalgia and it is a timeless capture. You are like these kids, the only difference is the boat!!! I think you would be just as happy with one of these as long as you could get in the water and pull up a couple of crays!

  6. I can’t keep up with your prolific output so I’m catching up to your recent posts. I’m looking forward to the colour version too – I often wonder if anyone would’ve bothered with monochrome processes if colour was invented first. This is a good example of how a B&W image can still convey even the most colourful scene’s message.

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