Village People!!!

These shots are typical of what you see in PNG. When we drop anchor, shortly after all the village people come out to greet us and to offer fresh fruit and souvenirs.

They are so comfortable with this mode of transport and they get out and about for miles in their canoes. I don’t think I can remember seeing one fat PNG person, so they definitely have it over us in that way! The guys are extremely well cut that would make any body builder green with envy!


~ by True North Mark on December 9, 2009.

18 Responses to “Village People!!!”

  1. Great shots Mark.
    The top image with the rainbow is fabulous.
    I really like the silver tinge to the water, nice and shiny.


  2. Mark, you’d have to be one of the busiest bloggers out there…..and you got some awesome images too. Well done.
    When are you putting your own travel television show together??

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the feedback on my blog mate! I have always given everything my very best and I guess my approach to the blog is no different to how I have done everything else in my life!

      I doubt I will ever have a TV travel show, but I am working on a scenario where Christian and I lead out keen photographers to exotic locations a few times a year!

      So stay tuned to the blog and I will post details when they are known.

      You have scooped this information Jamie, as we have not told anyone yet!!


      True North Mark

  3. I think you just told everyone!! haha

  4. Cool … like the top one.

    Village People eh , which one’s the constuction worker ??? 🙂

    • He he I thought I might get a comment about the title Merv!

      They are way too smart to confine themselves inside a construction facility every day!

      They are out hunting and gathering in the beautifull surrounds they call home!



  5. Mark,

    You cant have these trips without me, just would not be the same anymore… count me in mate ! !

  6. 3 nice captures Mark … Loving the cloud and rainbow in the top image, tell me you also have a wide pano of that one ? …. Good call on the non use of the polarizer, most would of reached straight for it …

    • Hey Neal,

      Not sure if I do have a pano of that one mate. It’s a bit hard to do panos when the canoes are all around the boat as they move too much and it stuffs up the pano!



  7. Great shot at the top…I had a look at the big version and really like the simplicity of the colour. The clouds are fab!

  8. Ah Man you’ve done it again! The top shot is an absolute pearler!! Green with envy again! Have a top weekend.

  9. Lovely work and great emotional captures, shows the true spirit of village people! Whenever I visit villages who live hard but simple country lives I wanna stay. They got it right!

  10. the first photo, the clouds, the rainbow is perfection! really well done

    • Hi Chloe…thanks for the comment…about to post a colour version of the canoe boys due to popular demand!

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