True North Sunset at Kevieng PNG

This shot kinda jumped out at me as we were coming back from snorkelling. The golden colours were awesome!

~ by True North Mark on December 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “True North Sunset at Kevieng PNG”

  1. Nice, you really are a lucky dude to get to places far and wide. Love the shot of the helicopter and boat between the waterfalls.

    • Thanks Matt..yes I am kinda lucky I guess…but I am a firm believer that one makes ones own luck I reckon! I don’t follow footy or cricket and am always out doing something when the Grand Finals are on, like Surfing at Rotto or something like that. My motto is ‘it aint a rehearsal’!! So I therefore make the most of everyday as best I can.

      Thanks for tuning in mate!

  2. awesome light and framing Mark … if you could bring the boat out a little this would look great large on the office wall maybe ?

    • Yes it was a great colour that evening.

      I am always unsure whether to leave the boat more as a silhouette or to bring it out as you say, with the risk of it looking unnatural.

      You obviously think the boat should be brighter yeah??



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