Luscernque Sailing Family

This is a shot of the Luscernque family who were blown off course that I featured in previous posts about PNG.

The travel miles in these basic marine craft. They carry glowing embers on green palm leaves and sand so that they can easily start a fire when they get to the next destination. Their diet kicks off with coconuts and bananas and then they add to it with what ever else they can catch or gather.


~ by True North Mark on December 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Luscernque Sailing Family”

  1. Great image Mark! Being a sailor myself , I love seeing how other cultures use sail in their daily lives. Working sail could make a comeback when the world runs out of oil,so it’s great to see it hasn’t died out completely.


    • Yeah mate, they go unbelievable distances in these modest craft.

      It will probably come back after the Apocalypse that is coming when we are in an era like Water World and the Kevin Costner movie!



  2. yeah Markie you better fit the True North with some kick arse sails! If you saw a family in Perth sailing around in this boat like this you would shake your head and go “they’re crazy” In fact with all the red tape they wouldn’t get off the beach.

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