Last Minute Specials Available on True North

First Photo Manta Ray at Shark Bay

Second Photo Eagle Ray at Coral Bay

Third Photo Thunderstorm at Montgomery Reef

Fourth Photo King George Falls in full flood on Trip 1

Anyone that has been following this blog and has seen the comments coming back from Christian, Mike and Rod Thomas will know that what an experience on True North has to offer is second to none.

We now have a few last minute specials that will offer an additional incentive for those who have been considering joining us for a while.

Our West Coast Explorer Cruise is up there with my favorite cruises as it offers a unique opportunity to explore areas such as the Abrohlis Islands, Steep Point, Coral Bay, Ningaloo and the Monte Bello Islands. There are last minute discounts on offer for this cruise and we also have Astronomer Greg Quicke who will give a fantastic insight into star gazing during the cruise.

There are also last minute discounts on our Trip 1 in the Kimberley’s, which is absolutely the best and most dramatic time to see the Kimberley.
Water Falls are raging, evening Thunderstorms are the norm and you can see the Kimberley as it is about to change into the dry season. By far my favorite time to cruise in our North West.

The 2 Kimberley Shots were taken by Ken Duncan 2 years ago on trip 1.

Click on the link below for details.

Adventure Cruise


~ by True North Mark on December 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Last Minute Specials Available on True North”

  1. […] View original post here:  Last Minute Specials Available on True North « True North Mark's Blog […]

  2. Some good points raised in that post. Will be back to check for more.

  3. If you can get on True North it is worth every cent, now if you can get a discount to boot, it’s the best holiday you will ever have in your life. Do it now before you kick the bucket !! If you are in any doubt how good it is make sure you check out Michaels videos on Vimeo.

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