Mike Fletcher’s PNG Video, now available for viewing on Vimeo!!!

Mike has just advised me that his PNG video is now ready for viewing. I have seen the teaser and for sure this will be one of his best videos yet!!

You can see it at:

~ by True North Mark on December 2, 2009.

9 Responses to “Mike Fletcher’s PNG Video, now available for viewing on Vimeo!!!”

  1. Mike seems to outdo himself everytime, this is his best yet and absolutely drop dead gorgeous stuff. My jaw hits the floor and I wanna go to PNG right now when watching this.

  2. Mike Fletcher is a HACK ! ! hehe

  3. Showed this to someone at work today and there reaction (he’s a photographer too) was “Holy crap…” within about 30 seconds. So, I guess that means it’s good.

  4. Awesome Mike. Your best work yet. Just brilliant!!

  5. An awesome video! Who wouldn’t want to go on the True North for a trip up there after seeing that?!!?

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments except you Thomas. Don’t worry Tommy you still win in the glamour stakes. Rod’s a one hit wonder.

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