Mark and Lee with the Pikinini’s

This shot was taken by my trusty offsider…Rod Thomas!

I cause a real stir when I lifted this little tacker onto my shoulder. The kids loved it and I have a fan club for a while after!

Thanks Rodney for capturing the moment so well!

~ by True North Mark on December 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “Mark and Lee with the Pikinini’s”

  1. that is so cool mate, look at all those happy faces, not one EMO amongst them. I think our youngsters that get down about nothing need to take a long hard look at themselves and remember we are only here for a short time so make the most of every minute. We are the luckiest people on the planet, it is strange we are not the happiest!
    Great shot that really sums up the nature of those people.

    • Yes I think what i like best about the shot is that it does portray the simple pleasures that the PNG kids love so much. They all swarmed around us to see the shot in the back of the camera.

      PNG and the South Pacific is now becoming our strongest product and the interaction with this amazing culture is why!!!

      Thanks for the comment mate.

  2. Absolutely love this, big smiles all around, happy faces this image just radiates pure happiness and joy of life. Impossible to see this image and not break into a big smile. That is what is all about, new experiences, new cultures, new people and learn how miserably we painted ourselves into a corner in western culture. How much joy and pure happiness there is to experience out there in the world. Sometimes I reckon western civilisation got it all wrong, got this pet project of mine to remove all the cities, start over 🙂

  3. Yep really nice. You guys sure look like you’re right at home over there!

  4. Geeezz mate I was checking out the pressure on that dicky knee of yours. You gotta be careful mate. We only have two.

    That shot sums up the whole mood of the PNG trip i recon. Everywhere you went everyone was happy. You cant help but be jealous of those lucky soles.

    • I gotta tell ya that I was in a bit of pain on my dickey knee….as only you would know eh Mike!



  5. oh!! Yeah!!

  6. Excellent photo to capture the spirit and mood of those you visited. Makes a fantastic memorabilia shot.

    • Yes Graham, Rod did a great job of this shot…the post editing wasn’t too be either eg!!!:)



  7. that Rod guy, he must be amazing huh ! ! and I seen him in the green dress and pink hat, stunning ! !

    • Yep that Rod guy was an amazing dude! Flew in took the pic and then flew out! Great to have you on board mate!

  8. Glad to be of service to you MArk, it was a fun trip.

  9. great capture … framed on the office desk for the memories … very cool

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