Guduraba Island PNG

This Island is just down the way from Luscernque Island. Rod, Mike and I slipped over here after lunch and after shooting Luscernque on one of the True North tenders.

My main memory of this island is how hot we were! The PNG family we ran into who were a bit marooned until the wind changed also cruised over to the island as there were more coconuts and bananas over there. I am guessing they had at least another night there.

All of these experiences are very humbling when you see the dumb things we all get upset about in our lives. These people have nothing, expect nothing and are totally happy with their lot!

~ by True North Mark on November 30, 2009.

43 Responses to “Guduraba Island PNG”

  1. I liek this shot alot Mark but whos the adonnis in the shot… Must have been MIke… He kept getting in everyones f*cking way huh Mark…. I just put some aerial shots up, let me know what you think

    • Yes indeed it was the Fletcher, but it took me some time to clone out your tripod and your blur from the right hand side of the pic!

      I liked your aerial stuff mate…very good!

      • speaking of my tripod, I have had to pull it to pieces…. My legs were shit, had sand coming out of them… it was a mess ! ! But all is good now mate, ready for another shot at True North Glory… anyone need a liver / kidneys / heart.

        I think I would really like to do the Louisiades mate, anyway of camping out on the bow of the boat and shooting for the company mate ?

      • Hi Rod,

        Seeing as we are only doing 1 or 2 of those a year they are pretty popular eh!

        I am sure we can work you up a deal now that you are a past passenger.



  2. your right Mark we whine about the most pathetic stuff when these people are lucky just to get something to eat for the day. Amazing story and image. Would like to see the sand whitened up a bit though. You know me, I like everything perfect, ah shit I whining over nothing!!!

  3. It doesnt get much better then that. Awsome colours in this one, I love the trees and the sky.

  4. Been a treat viewing these images mate, top location…will get back some day.

    • Yes indeed Graham…I reckon it is the prettiest place on the planet actually!

      As far as tropical scenes go that is!



  5. Hey Mark, cracker shots as always ! Always a treat to look at your travel diary 🙂
    Helicon focus, did you download or purchase with a hard copy of the program?

    • Thanks Adrian

      I just downloaded it mate.

      Set up on a tripod.

      Everything in manual, then take enough shots to get the focus crisp right through.

      Pull them into Helicon, push ok and presto…one blended and very sharp image!



    • I have a helicon shot back a bit on my blog with Christian framed in a window.

      That was 5 shots blended in Helicon Focus.



  6. Hi Mark,

    Its a great shot of your typical tropical setting. Certainly wish I was there right now!

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. More awesome work from PNG Mark, and agree on how humbling it is to meet people like this. The whole world could benefit greatly by learning a few things about happiness and life quality from these people.

    • You bet Bo!

      I have changed my personal direction since seeing these guys and am now basing my lot on what is enough and just enjoying the ride without trying to work myself to death and chase every deal out there.

      The game plan is to have more time for surfing, photography and diving!



  8. Certainly looks like paradise found Mark.

    I think anyone who visits these sorts of places and sse the locals in a humbling way come away with a new sence of life and what it means.

    Unfortunatly most drift back into the modern way after settling back into their everyday world and daily .

    I hope the modern world doesn’t catch up with these poeple.

    • It does when they venture out to places like Port Moresby Merv.

      They go looking to earn the big dollar and when they find they can’t get a job they resort to crime to live because their subsistence way of life won’t work around Moresby.

      Whilst they stay the way they have lived for eons they are happy and don’t want for anything. It is amazing how quickly they are converted when exposed to modern ways!

      I think the outlying areas are pretty secure in protecting their way of life, but the closer to Moresby and Madang you get the easier it is for the teenagers to look for the greener pastures!

  9. Cracker shot Mark. Everything you would imagine PNG to be! Magic mate.
    Back in Perth now so will have to start posting again soon!!

  10. talk to me Mark…… I can tag along as Mike’s side kick.. .were like a team now, Tango & Cash, Starskey & Hutch, Cheech & Chiong, Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello ( as long as hes Costello )

  11. Maybe next year… and as long as its not the village people… If it has to be them, he is the gay cowboy… Would also love to do west papua, it looks amazing

  12. Beautiful Island pano Mark. Looks like paradise.

    • Yes indeed Luke…probably about as much of an extreme in weather as you can get from where you are at -21 degrees!



  13. Beautiful pano….and you’re right, there should always be more time for the fun stuff. Afterall, you only get one shot at it.

  14. Brilliant picture Mark. Looks fantastic. Great story to boot. Mind you a cold beer on that beach wouldn’t go a miss 🙂

  15. gorgeous scene well captured Mark … The palm trees and sky look surreal, If I can offer my 2 cents it would be to reduce the yellow in the sand a few notches, it detracts for me anyway from the stunning sky and palms, you may have to lesson the green tint through the water though if you choose to reduce the yellows in the sand … I hope you have some from the wooden raft through to the palm trees, those textures looking at your pic would be real nice to photograph with the raft as the foreground lead in to the palms and sky …

    I wont say your one lucky fellow … You just get out there and do it and make your own luck.

    • Hey Neal,

      Thanks for the input. I will have a look and see how it comes out. Yep I have worked hard for my ‘luck’ Neal!

      Muzz thanks for all the nice comments mate! For sure the Golden Sunset is one of my favs and will end up on a wall in the new house I am working towards at present!



  16. Another idyllic pano – love that heavily saturated look (at least that’s how it is on my work monitor). You’re certainly showing us why this could be the most idyllic holiday destination on the planet, as long as Contiki don’t find out about it.

  17. Nice pic Mark, and bloody beautiful location.

  18. I’m not going on TN again if that hack Rod Thomas is on it. The guy walks around the boat in his undies. Bloody Hell……….

  19. Nice pic by the way Marky. The sand is a bit yellowy greeny but thats the way it was. I’ll have to make sure my vid is modified to keep CF and spool happy.

    • Yep it is hard to fully get that big tick eh…but that’s what we are about is perfection eh!

      • Mike,
        As I found out at dinner the other night, your last flatmate walked around the room NUDE and u had no issues with that, I was wearing footy shorts and u got offended… are my legs better than yours mate ?

        And anyway, im not going if you are so there ! !

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