More Duke of York Pano’s

Here are a couple of serene scenes from the Duke of York Islands, near Rabaul. I love the texture in the driftwood on the first image and the cracker thunder cloud brewing in the distance. Once again a couple of images taken whilst the boys were in the heli!!

~ by True North Mark on November 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “More Duke of York Pano’s”

  1. Love that bottom shot Mark , optical illusion and all. 🙂

    That water just looks so inviting and such a great sky as well.

    • Thanks Merv,

      I had some stitching issues with that shot I must admit and that is as good as I could get it, but it sorta works eh!

      PT Gui is great when it works but a real pain in the you know what when it doesn’t!!



  2. I like the top shot Mark, you dont see that sort of shit from the air huh….
    The bottom one is nice as well….

  3. Stunning colours in that last shot especially. Perhaps in the last shot, was it possible to walk a bit further into the water, to remove those few distractions on the right side, really simplify it and just have sky, island, water.

  4. Hi Bo,

    I guess I could crop it way, but as it was I was up to my knees in the water, so no option to go deeper.



  5. Nice work Mark

  6. Both beautiful shots – they have a real slide film feel about them.

  7. Again more great shot… I can’t help but ask again what filters did you use for this shot? Also what equipment and setting did you use? Also is it a HDR/mix of exposures shot…
    Great Work!!!

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