Last 2 from the Duke of York Islands

Here are another couple of worthy additions to the Duke of York Islands collection. The clouds seemed to just mimic the sand bar on the first image and the range of colours were exceptional on the second image.

~ by True North Mark on November 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Last 2 from the Duke of York Islands”

  1. The first one is great but it is outshined by the previous version you showed from this spot, the first version you showed is magic.

    The second shot is lovely! Perhaps a few too many distractions on the right but then I am perhaps too taken with simplicity always. You could paint a little light onto the guy and boat to rescue him from the shadows.

  2. Love that warm clear tropical water in the first one Mark – mmm…
    The second shot just oozes a tropical sunset sky… I think I can even smell the moisutre and associated scents in the air.. 🙂

  3. Thanks Ton…yep it was a typical tropical sunset alright and still quite hot and humid. It is also cool how everytime you think you need a canoe in the foreground, one paddles by! They just love being in photos and seeing themselves!

  4. haha – I’m sure they do ! awesome stuff mate 🙂

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