Golden Sunset at the Duke of Yorks

I found this stitch lurking in my RAW files. A 10 photo stitch and it worked a treat first up.

Pretty happy with the result as well. This was one of those times when we debated if to go out or not and for sure the effort was worth it!

~ by True North Mark on November 28, 2009.

17 Responses to “Golden Sunset at the Duke of Yorks”

  1. hello mark! 🙂
    (thanks for your comment the other day, i’ve posted some more bug shots tonight)

    i clicked your panorama to see it bigger and wow i was blown away by the magnificant view and sky, absolutly amazing

  2. As Cartman from South Park would say… Sweet! cracking sunset mate.

  3. Very nice Mark , one of your best i’d say, love that sky.

    That dot off the left of the island’s gotta go , otherwise a very sweet shot , make a great large print.


    • Thanks Merv, coming from a tough critic like you that means a lot!

      That is a rock out there and blown up it will look ok I reckon.



  4. hey mate awesome photos as always hey if ya want in on a shoot maybe you could help me with a location the girls are wanting a pool setup to do another shoot so if ya no anyone with a really nice pool with an awesome background that would be great.
    ive been looking for a little while and cant get a good one

    cheers philbo

  5. Great photo Mark. Agree with Mev’s comment on the dot (assuming it’s a boat?), it needs to go. Love the colour tone and the sky. Looks great.

  6. What a breaktaking view and great panorama, good work Mark! I’m with Merv, black dot gotta go. And hey does not even appear to be any optical illusions on the horizon 🙂

    I am thinking you could warm the white balance a bit more to make it even more striking. Looks slightly cold and greenish to me.

    • Why thanks Bo!

      I am going to reserve my judgment on the rock until I print it out.

      So what part of the planet is Bo in now!



  7. Hey Mark, I must have missed this one the other day, that is one of the most interesting sunsets i have seen in a long time. i like it alot.

  8. Can imagine the feel of the sand and the quiet fizzing of a wedge of lime sinking through a bottle of cold Corona (or Pellegrini!). This would look great up on the wall opposite a very comfortable chair – another pearler for the collection.

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