Rabaul Canoe Man

This shot was taken just near some Japanese prisoner of war tunnels near Rabaul.

You can see the Rabaul volcano off in the distance, belching out lava and smoke. The first heli flight that day saw boulders the size of a small house being spewed up.

~ by True North Mark on November 23, 2009.

18 Responses to “Rabaul Canoe Man”

  1. Man look at those colours … That water is insane Nice framing with the canoe at a 45 angle leads the eye right into the gentlemen on the canoe … I gotta get back to the tropics and start shooting again …

  2. Oh my …. those colours…I am sitting in Amsterdam airport on the way to Thailand…can’t wait for tropics. Can’t wait for sun, heat, warmth, colours, smells etc!!!! Oh what a striking shot Mark !

  3. Looks like it is floating the water is that clear.
    Needs the Hobie drive system for the kayak.

    Beaut shot.

    • Thanks Thomas..did you see how cut these guys are!

      Let me tell you they do perfectly well with their paddles!



  4. wow

  5. Stunning pic and great composition. That water is just beautiful…..I think we should forget Rotto and take a not so small detour on Australia Day… 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy…it certainly would be good to do a workshop up there, but I fear the logistics would somewhat unworkable!



  6. They just keep getting better Mark, this one is a ripper.

  7. How about showing us some of your aerial stuff around the volcano Marky………:)

  8. gotta love that water clarity and tropical easy going feel – lovely shot Mark!
    tone 🙂

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