Austal Trimaran

I pinged this off the other day whilst down at my old Shipbuilding Company, Austal Image.

This vessel is being built on spec by the parent company Austal Ships. It is over 100m long and will carry about 800 pax and 200 cars at over 40 knots!

The trimaran configuration gives an exceptional ride and really good efficiency due to the long slender centre hull.

Just thought I would break up the PNG images briefly!

~ by True North Mark on November 23, 2009.

19 Responses to “Austal Trimaran”

  1. Read about this not long ago. Quite a project to build on spec but they had to keep the employee’s busy during the downturn. Makes good business sense and it’s ready to go when a buyer fronts.

    It could be the next True North world tourer, just sign on the dotted line Mark !!!

    • I don’t think so Merv!

      These puppies burn more fuel in am hour than we do in a month!



  2. So thats where they parked my boat ….. I wish 🙂 great light Mark and love the tone of the sky … You have some teaching to do 😉

  3. How much for cash? Any chance for mates rates?
    You’re a talented fella Mark!

    • A little over 70 mill will get it for you I reckon Dave!!

      Thanks for the compliment mate!



  4. I really like this Markie, the desaturated sky and building help focus attention on the the boat, nice stuff. One thing though is that noise I see under the boat. Looks a bit like you have lightened it a bit and the pixels have spat the dummy?
    The secret curves lighting effect works a treat hey mate!!

    • Thanks CF,

      You might be right about the noise under the boat. I could darken it again, but I wanted to show the hull form off as best I could as it is pretty cool.

      Curves do indeed mate!

  5. Hey Mark, did you work at Precision Marine back in the late 80’s

    • 1984 I did Adrian for 1 year to the day and then started Image on the 5th of December 1985!



  6. I likes this un Mark, I like this effect, I did a similar thing with a photo of a tank to highlight a reflection. Used it as a wall paper at work across 2 monitors, might dig it out. You’ve definitely brought out the best in this one. Any chance of taking it out spin?

    • Hi Matt

      Glad you like it mate.

      Shot from my trusty Prado from the breakwater opposite Austal whilt it was bucketing down a couple of weeks ago.

      I doubt you could afford the fuel bill for a spin mate! It costs 1.5 million just to move one of those babies to Europe!



      • A break water I frequently used to fish off in the late 80’s, when the place was known as ASI.

        1.5 Mil to get this dingy to Europe, priceless, that’s what Mastercard’s for! What’s the mileage like then, apart from awful?

      • ASI was lot 16 Matt. Austal is at Lot 100, but it is just down the road. I used to door knock ASI trying to sell them Cummins engines in the early days!

      • The first groyne was know to the fisherfolk as ASI! Lot 16, lot 100, I did the work on the SCDB for this, brings back some memories.

  7. You and my father used to work together. I used to skate board around the ship yard on school holidays, occupational health hazard these days!
    My father was purchase manager not sure of which year and when but he knew of you when I mentioned Australia day to him for 2010.

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