I’m Back!!

I am now back home after a great trip in PNG. Managed to work up a couple of images during the flight home.

Mike Fletcher is now sporting a sore knee after trying to keep up with the young ones on the last night in Cairns so that was a bit of an adventure in itself.

The Noipus Tranquility image is of the village where Michelle returned to and the other image was shot just after we landed in the morning and Michelle caught up with her uncle for the first time since she was 6. Many years of emotion just came flooding in.

A very moving thing to watch and I am glad that we were able to facilitate the reunion for her.


~ by True North Mark on November 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “I’m Back!!”

  1. Welcome back Mark and these are lovely images. Great emotion in the photo with Michelle, must have been a very special moment – and it goes perfectly with the Noipus image to show her beautiful home.

    • Thanks Bo,

      Yes indeed it was a special moment.

      Later on there was not a dry eye amongst the ladies when they put on the special ceremony for her.

      I think even a few of the blokes had a lump in their throat!



  2. Welcome back, that trip seemed to take no time at all but it goes quick when you’re having fun.

    Been busy with rellies and wedding myself for a most of the week , so just got home ourselves.

    Nice set of images here and below , looks like a photographer would be pretty happy there for a few days .

  3. Thanks for being there for me Marky or should I say Dr Marky. I’m getting some bad press over my actions and I need you to set the record straight. You know I was only dancing to be nice to Georgia.

  4. I heard a rumour we are gonna see you on Dancing with the stars Mike, tell me its true ! !
    Finally got of my ass to post about PNG, it sonly one images, but I promise to do more soon, cant have you two getting all the limelight can I…..

    Thanks for the trip guys, it was awesome

    • Hey Rod,

      It was great to meet you and everyone commented about your stories! You had half the boat in stitches for a lot of the time!

      You also created a number of works of art onboard and am very much looking fwd to viewing them as time permits…what am I say…get off your but and post some more dude!!

  5. Mark,
    I aim to please…. it could be an idea to get me back on the boat for comedy value huh and keep the guests entertained ? Oh, and maybe to take some pics for you as well when Mikey is not there… I am slowly sorting though images and hope to have some up soon

  6. Whats with the freaky ghost image behind the girl???

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