Southern PNG

Finally here are a few reasonable efforts I reckon.

Luscernque Islands are simply amazing with some of the most pristine reefs in the world. We met a family out here who had been blown off course and were waiting for the wind to change so they could go home. We gave them some food and water and they were very happy with that. The photo of the family is where they were hiding in the shade waiting for the wind to change!

Tufi villiage is where the sunrise and sunset shots are taken and there is a fantiastic dive resort there run by an expat. The last 2 dives we had over the last 2 days are up there with the best I have done in 5,000 dives!

Our Captain Brad has just returned from the dive somewhat late as they found an outrigger half sunk as he had lost his bailer, so they all got in and help him get it upright. The distances and the weather these guys tackle never ceases to amaze me!

The rain shot is of a PNG boat building factory where they make dug out canoes and also produce the sago flour.

~ by True North Mark on November 20, 2009.

19 Responses to “Southern PNG”

  1. awesome captures Mark …. REALLY like the 4th one down with the boat … reminds me of Maui, love the palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze …

  2. Top 3 images are awesome, I love the cloud patterns in that part of the world.
    Great light captured.
    regards Adrian

  3. wow!

  4. Number three does it for me, tells the story well.

  5. Yea wow from me too.

  6. Wow what a stunning location and that first shot is amazing, but they’re all good!

  7. No 4 for me Mark, they’re all nice but #4 is the first time I’ve like an image of this nature. Sandy beach, palm trees, ocean, sky it’s been done before so I don’t usually go for them much. This one I like, I think it’s the angle and the sky that do it. Interesting statue in the last one, any story in that? The blues in #2 is bril!

    • Thanks for the comments everyone.

      Matt, if there is a story on the statue, I do not know it, but it is typical of the wonderful carvings you can buy here.

      Nice to here from you Bo…a shame you couldn’t make it…another day maybe!



  8. Numbers 1 & 4 are my favourites, Mark – well done. Keep enjoying yourself, won’t you? 🙂

  9. awesome pics Mark.
    love 2nd and 4th the most- but all great.
    looks like a wonderful part of the world for sure! 🙂

    • Thanks Stephen…yes indeed it is for sure one of the prettiest places on the planet I reckon!



  10. Simply awesome, great shots, stunning locations.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love 3 & 4 – they really evoke the atmosphere of the place. And I’m a sucker for great skyscapes. It seems like you’ve had 4 seasons up there. Great to be able to see it so vividly from way back here. Cheers.

  12. Hey mate. looks like your having a great time, all those photos are great, Top four are my favourite.

  13. Hey Danny,

    Thanks for stopping by. I have some new images up now that I am home and I think you will find that Rod Thomas is now posting as well.



  14. Picture #4 is fantastic. Love it.

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