More from PNG

Sorry about the lack of frames, but we have been on the go non stop this trip.

Another 8 gig taken today so there will be plenty of posts to come!

We are in Luscernque Islands at present enroot to Tufi.

Some of the passengers will fly to the Kokoda Memorial tomorrow and we are also getting treated to a paddle up a river in some dug outs as well!

~ by True North Mark on November 18, 2009.

10 Responses to “More from PNG”

  1. Great cultural pics. The top one is a cracker. Surreal. You should be a travel journo Mark.

  2. Love that top one mate , ripper.

    The crazy witch doctors not bad either. 🙂

    If thats Mike Fletcher in the back ground , he’s seen a lot of sun this trip !!!

  3. bloody awesome bro love the wave action photo thats a sweet shot


  4. Hey Mark awesome images. What blows me away is the cloud formations in PNG, simply stunning

  5. Some great photo opportunities up there. Nice almost-watercolour pastels in the wave photo and great punch in the third shot. Looking forward to more.

  6. I’m with everyone else,The top shot is a top shot…….did I say top shot to many times?

  7. top one for sure the standout. I think you could lift the whites in the wave action pic mate. Looking forward to some more stuff to get a sense of where you are. Al said Michael has been blown away by the place.

    • Hi everyone,

      Another fantastic day in Paradise. We are in Tufi now and were treated with a ride up a river in some dugouts and then to the local villiage for some cultural lessons on how they make string and weaving, followed by an awesome tribal dance.

      Back to the boat for crabcakes and then off 10 miles offshore for a dive on a bomy punching out of the deap. The top of it was 22m and we bounced down to 35m. Viz was unbelieveable and the sea life was also amazing.

      Back to he boat in time for cocktails at Tufi Dive lodge and now having curries and a hat party….do yu get the gist of why I don’t have any more images yet!

      I am pretty weary, but will have to lift and dance the night away I guess!

      Rest assured there are some crackers to come!

  8. That first image is really good. Sounds like you are doing it hard.. paradise, making string, dancing, cocktails, parties, etc… 🙂

    • Yep doin it tough mate…someone’s gotta do it you know!

      Everyone, I have just posted quite a few images and a few short stories if you are interested.

      Last day in PNG today!



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