The image with the girl touching the dolphin is Michelle who was the focus of the last post. She is a doctor and is married to a Marine Biologist so she is very omfortable with marine life.

The other image is of some Pikinini’s having fun in the sun!

Been a bit busy today. Took about 10 gigs of shots and then went for a cracker dive thereafter.

Mike and Rod went on a cracker Heli flight over an active volcano and I made a huge blue thinking there was no room for me…and there was…doh!

Both Mike and Rod nailed some great stuff of this volcano crankin’


~ by True North Mark on November 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “Rabaul”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time. 10GB worth of photos in a day! I thought I was bad filling up an 8GB team in an afternoon in Melbourne. Shame about the heli ride but I’m sure you’ll get another opportunity.

    • Hi all,

      Sorry for the lack of posts, but the schedule has been somewhat hectic. Yesterday we cruise down a gorgeous river in the tenders where we found a great waterfall and then climbed through the jungle to thse beautifull blue holes that are more than 60m deep for some icy cold swimming. The deep holes are caused by 6m of annual rainfall hammering through.

      I have a heap more images but have not had time to work any…hopefully today!

      Mark, Cam, Brad and Co are having a blast.

      CF, yep the 28-300 is getting a hammering!

      Thanks for the comments Dave, Neal Matt and Muzz.

      Wait till you see Mikes video…it is going to blow anything else he has done away!!

  2. Nice again Mark!

  3. Stunning image with the kids in the water. the clarity of the shot is amazing. love the crisp cleanness to it … The Dolphin one is cool but I think the Pikinini one is special

  4. Looks like you are having a great time; the pics are great.
    It’s not like you to miss out on a slot in the chopper.
    Say hi to the gang there.

  5. hey mate, missed the chopper, how did you do that? The pikinini shot is great and that water is to die for. still I like the cloudy miserable weather we are having here. Much nicer!!! and I see the 28-300 has done the job again hey!!

  6. Nice shots there Mark, looks like the locals were having a great time in that crystal clear water.

  7. Love the water in the Pikinini shot (and love the word Pikinini!) it looks absolutely beautiful there. Great pics and looks like a stunning part of the planet. It’s definatly on my list of places to visit, can’t wait to see the vids.

  8. He would not have enjoyed the heli flight anyway…. but Mike and myself sure made up for it… images to come…

    Amazing blue water , erupting volcanoes, boats wizzing by…. he did not miss much, he missed HEAPS… lol

  9. I’ll have to second Rod’s comments Mark. Sorry mate………:) Next year buddy next year.

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