Last Post before PNG!!!


Hi all,

Tomorrow night we are off to Cairns to meet up with the Charter Jet that will take us to PNG. We leave from Kevieng up in the North of PNG and cruise 1100nm back down to Alotau.

On board we have passionate Photographer Rod Thomas and also Mike Fletcher who is going to put together another one of his amazing videos with his trusty Canon 5DMK2.

Rod and I will be posting live off the boat each day and our first posts should be up by Saturday.

You can see a description of what we will be doing on the North Star Website at: True North

You can see Rod Thomas’ blog at: Rod Thomas

You can see Mike Fletchers previous Kimberley work at: Mike Fletcher


~ by True North Mark on November 11, 2009.

22 Responses to “Last Post before PNG!!!”

  1. Outstanding guys, have a fantastic time and look forward to the stories, photos and videos!

  2. Yeah baby…. Its now under 24 hours until I walk out my front door to drive myself yo the airport… PNG Here we come ! ! !

  3. Say G’day too the folk at Nusa Retreat from me 🙂

  4. Look forward to all those awesome tropical images you guys will be posting …

  5. Yeah Baby… its now under 24 hours till I find myself sitting at the airport waiting to go to Cairns and join True North…… WOO BLOODY HOO ! ! !

    Stay tuned for some killer images and video ! ! !

    • ….Rod says as he starts to focus on the mission ahead!

      Look out for the fletch on the Sydney to Cairns flight Rod as Mike is going that way.

      We are going via Brissy.

      Looking fwd to meeting you tomorrow.



  6. Hi Mark,

    Firstly, this is a really cool photo. I hope you guys have a fantastic time up there.


  7. Mark,
    Can you email me his number and Ill give him a buzz… maybe ask him if its ok first huh

  8. Nice photo Mark. Hope the weather up there isn’t going to be a down pour like the shot you took 🙂

    • It is the tropics KhenG and in fact I don’t mind shooting in the rain as it adds some mood and you can really do some cool stuff with the rain images I have found.

      Typical weather up there is that we do get a range of patterns including a rain storm about once a day. It is one of the reasons why I run the 1DSMK3!!! I am standing out in the rain whilst everyone else is running for cover!



  9. Have a great trip fellas. Don’t miss your plane Rod! Look forward to seeing the pics fellas!

  10. ill be doing my best Dave…..

  11. Good luck !!

  12. Hey Mark, hope you guys have a great trip, look forward to seeing the posts along the way, even if they do make me jelous.

  13. That’s a beautiful photo. Apart from the outboard on the ali, not another sign of modern technology in the image (bliss!).

    Have a great trip – look forward to catching up with your adventures as you go along. Hope Mike’s 5D2 stands up to the wet – Jamie Paterson was advocating a shower cap at the pizza night so I’m looking forward to some more great video too.

    Have a good trip and hopefully Mike won’t wear out the bar staff.

  14. he will be doing his best Muzz, that is thirsty weather up there. Have fun fellas.

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