True North Rotto Australia Day Excursion now half Full!!

Sam and Brooke in the office confirmed this morning that we are now half full already for the Australia Day True North function with Christian, Nick, Tony and Glenn!

So if you are thinking about joining us…about time to book and stop thinking so much!!

~ by True North Mark on November 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “True North Rotto Australia Day Excursion now half Full!!”

  1. I gotta confess …. I gave it pretty much no thought at all and just booked it …. Looking forward to it muchly ….

    • Then you will be one of the fortunate few Neal!

      We have taken bookings from the Gold Coast and Africa today!

      The power of the net eh!



  2. where you going(?) 🙂

    • We are going to Rottnest for the day Chloe with Christian, Tony Hewitt, Nick Reigns and Glenn Cowans as guest speakers for the day.

      Australia Day on True North, $250.

      Details on the post below.

      Care to join us?



  3. Any courtesy pick-ups from Portland, Victoria?

    Love to be there Mark, but Australia Day is right in the middle of the fire season here.

    Have fun.

  4. Hey mark, hope the ice is cold and the cocktails flowing. Cant wait. I assume there will be details released at a later date re cost of flights etc
    Cheers Adrian

  5. Do you have an on board supply of Quells or BYO ?

  6. Merv is a land lover mark. He will need all the qwells he can get. If anyone gets sick we must make sure to get a shot. Would be a great blog post.

  7. So Mark it only seems fair that if CF is dressing up as a sailor, you should shake out the summer whites, Captain Stubing style. I’m assuming he will be Gopher – the only other sailor I can imagine him to be is Gilligan 🙂

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