Lake Belier with Christian

Lake Belier Framed

On the way to Henderson we dropped off to one of my favourite local spots. This was one I got before we were literally carried away by mozzies!

I almost lost another thong in the quicksand as well which had Christian in stitches with laughter! Man that mud stinks!


~ by True North Mark on November 8, 2009.

10 Responses to “Lake Belier with Christian”

  1. I like this alot Mark, really nice ! !

  2. Mark,
    Have posted the blog…. here is the link….

    cya soon

  3. I to like this image Mark, sure looks like mozzie central though.

  4. pretty funny seeing you sink yet again!

    • Can’t believe how much that mud stank!

      It must be something about those thongs and mud I reckon!



  5. Always, ALWAYS wear shorts over your thong when out in public champ!!!

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