Henderson Harbour

Henderson Framed

River Boat Framed

The night before Pizza night Christian and I went down to Henderson to see what we could get. I was using his 5D and was impressed with its performance.

My 1D was in for a clean before PNG.

We had some interesting light coming in from a factory behind us and the old ferry made very good subject matter.


~ by True North Mark on November 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Henderson Harbour”

  1. I don’t know how you get so much done – I’m thinking you must have a secret twin beavering away.

    Nice transformation of an industrial setting – love those blues! The 5D is certainly a landscape photographer’s dream – I’m hoping the 7D will cut the mustard and I’m hoping even more that I’ll have one in my hands by the Australia Day cruise which I’m looking forward to eagerly (signed up this morning for 2 spots and sounds like the phones were running hot!).

    • Hi Muzz,

      Great to hear that you have booked for Aussy Day. The 7D looks good and had a play on Thursday with one.

      I not only worked up those images but 25 others for the sale of our house as well!

      Just need to be organised and focused is all…and that I am!

      See you on Aussy Day!

  2. Nice composition on the first image, although not sure about the over exposed boat.
    Not sure if it is my eyes playing tricks, but the house boat looks a bit wonky? Maybe it is the reflection of the water and the way the clouds are formed…

    Managed to book on the Australia day outing too for the wife and I, looking forward to it that’s for sure.

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