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~ by True North Mark on November 7, 2009.

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  1. Morning Mark, Great evening last night. Thanks so much for your hospitality and brilliant Bizza cooking.
    My fiance Skye & I are both keen for the Oz Day outing so I will reing Sam on Monday. Skye may not be so keen on all the photog discussion but certainly will be drinking cocktails and lazing on the deck, I think I will also be joining her, you can only listen to CF for a short while before you glaze over 🙂
    Thanks again to a great evening

  2. hey mark cheers for the awesome night last night jas and i had fun, we got a good bunch of guys and gals in this little blogg comunity that we got going on

    well you already no that jasmin and i are in just wanted to say thanks to you and your wife for letting us bunch of camera geeks in to have a feed and to fletch and mike for coming up and putting up with all of us

    cheers again


  3. Thanks again for opening your home to a bunch of photographers Mark … Great Pizza, must of ben the cook … Count another 2 for the Aussie Day cruise I’ll call the office Monday … Cheers Neal

  4. Geez, 2 beers and I must be talking in my sleep – the missus has found out and wants in as well! I’ll be on the phone first thing Monday for 2 spots – looking forward to it.

    Thanks again for last night – you may have to think about having an event calendar on your blog – I’m up for just about anything (apart from that nude-in-the-dunes-with-a-showercap thing that Jamie Patterson was on about!).

    Cheers, Muzz

  5. Cheers for a great night Mark ,
    Good to catch up with every one and put faces to names .
    Put my name down for Australia Day will call up durring the week to confirm

  6. Sounds like the pizza night was a success Mark.
    I would love to still be back in Perth so I could make it along for the Rottnest cruise. Sounds like a great deal and a great day.

    • Thanks for all the comments everyone.

      It was great to put faces to names and finally meet everyone and Christian and I have been brainstorming more ideas for regular events to get the blog community together post True North at Rotto.

      For sure the True North at Rotto gig will be a great day, so get in early as it will fill fast.

      If any of you have some good shots of the night, please send them to me and I will post them for the other bloggers to see what was on.

      I was a little busy cooking pizzas to take any pickies myself:)

  7. I will have to talk to my wife about this Mark… you know how hard I had to fight to get to PNG….. Ill talk to you more about it over the next week or two huh
    Glad you and everyone else had a fun night

  8. Thanks again Mark, A roaring success.

  9. Mate, I hope those Fletcher boys cleaned the place up before they left !!

    We will get a wheatbelt day happening next year . Ben’s keen to give his cooking skills another run so he the catering co-ordinator , if he’s not tied up on Master Chef series 2 that is.

    Didn’t get to meet Mrs Mark but I’m sure she had a lot to do with last night as well , so if your out there Mrs Mark,thank you.

  10. Hey Mark, I know Phil said it above but thanks again. Was great to put a face to some names and enjoy the good company and great food! Am looking forward to the rotto trip!

  11. […] Rottnest Island on the true North ship , if any one else is intrested you can find the details here on Marks […]

  12. Thanks to Mark and Christian for hosting last night. Was great to meet some of the guys and put faces to names. Mark, you have a great pad and your golden on the pizza making… I see yet another career option for you if you get tiered of working with super yachts 🙂 Thanks again.

  13. Ah yea put me down for two Mark. Can I fix you up when I get back to Perth in about 2 weeks as I don’t have a credit card!
    Looks like last night was hoot (saw CFs picks).


  14. Heya Mark, i’m not sure when the office hours are, but if there are spots still up for grabs then i would love to grab one. Great work in getting all the photogs together, you certainly make for exciting times for landscape photography in WA.


  15. Hey mark thanks again for a great night… Another 2 for the trip, will call Monday and sort it out, thanks again

  16. 10-4 Clint!

  17. hey Mark, once again big thanks for getting the night happening and especially for opening up your home to us, was a great night.

    think i’ll be up for this, will grab me mums credit card to put down as I don’t have one.

  18. I hope I am not the last person who hasn’t said thanks for the great night. So thank you very much… the pizza was great and was good talking to fellow photo goers 🙂 Must say… Canon seems to be the favourite choice. Sorry Graham 🙂

    Got the OK from the wife too for the 26th and will call the girls at true North on Monday. The phone will go berserk I suspect come Monday.

  19. Hey Mark, Thanks for a great night on Friday, It was good meeting all the guys from the blogs. Looking forward to the trip to rotto, what an awsome idea.


  20. G’day Mark, Thank you so much for slaving over the hot Bizza oven on Friday night 🙂 It was great to meet you and all the other guys and gals there.
    I’m really looking forward to Australia Day next year… I’ve booked two tickets for me and the missus.
    See you all then.

  21. Mark, many thanks – have booked through your office this morning, surprised there were still spots available! Sorry I missed the pizza night…

  22. Hey Mark, It was quite a surprise to have homemade pizza. Especially with Ben,CF and yourself putting it all together :o)
    I have booked a couple of places this morning. Sounds amazing!
    I will send you an email regarding the FWA Derby show.
    You may have to set up a delivery service for those pizzas ;o)

    • Glad you liked the pizza Grant and thanks for booking the Australia Day gig. I know that you will enjoy the day!

      I don’t think….no I know that I will not be starting a delivery service for pizza any time soon!!



  23. Booked !!!

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